Saturday, 23 December 2017

DPP 23: River Tangles

Today my cousin K., who also lives in the greater D. C. area, invited me to join her on a meetup hike along the Potomac river. It was overcast but beautiful. Among other things, we got to see Great Falls just as two kayakers were attempting the rapids!

[Belated] DPP 22: O Glowing Light

On days when I. works and I don't, I usually try to go to the Folger library to read and research. I take the metro, which starts out above ground (at home or near the hospital), and then tunnels its way under Washinton D. C.

Emerging into the sunlight at Capitol South is always a little dazzling, but not just because of the light. I'm often overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have this season of reading and research available to me.

On many days, I linger in the city past closing time (4.45). The metro is marginally cheaper and significantly less crowded at 7.00, and it is often worth having a more leisurely trip. Sometimes I go to the Library of Congress to read additional books. Sometimes I visit a coffee shop or pub and write or grade. On days when the weather is good and I don't have pressing tasks looming over me, sometimes I walk to a more distant metro station, enjoying the city sounds and sights along the way.

Yesterday was a balmy fifty degrees Fahrenheit, so I spent my whole two hours walking, first down by the reflecting pool below the capitol (hence the photo above) and then down the mall and some of the side streets. This city is so beautiful!

Thursday, 21 December 2017

DPP 18-21: Four Times the Fun

I've had the wonderful gift of spending four days with my wonderful husband this week, and blogging has been just about the furthest thing from my mind. Here are some photographs:

Among other things, we have sipped coffee together, played games together, gone for walks together, visited the dentist and the optometrist, shopped till we almost dropped, booked almost all our post-Christmas travel, and discovered that the Cici's pizza buffet near our new Lidl [grocery store] will custom-make fresh pizzas for patrons. Pictured above: a neighborhood squirrel, the sunset as we left the optometrist's, the remnants of a coffee date, and our not-quite-albino neighborhood deer, whom we have now seen twice on late-afternoon walks.

No songs tonight; I have a husband to beat at word games before he goes back to night shifts for the long weekend.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

DPP 17: Glory, Hallelujah!

Today I graded the last of the more than 600 essays I have graded since September. Grades are submitted, end-of-semester paperwork is complete, and I finally have time to tackle the wonderful stack of books I have been saving for my time of rest. I. has four days off this week, and so do I, and I look forward to having four wonderful, long days to spend together.

Non-traditional Christmas song of the day:
Bobby Darin, "Jehovah, Hallelujah!"

Saturday, 16 December 2017

DPP 16: By quiet ponds . . .

My old self was an obsessive grader when grading needed to be done.

My new self, albeit perhaps stupidly, believes that grading without breaks for ten or fourteen hours is actually not very healthy.

Thus it was that I left my house today and took a long meandering walk around the neighborhood. You can't see it very well in this picture, but the geese were out and squawking, and the day itself was sunny and bright. I. was at work all day, and I accomplished a lot of grading; tomorrow I should be finished, and there should be much celebrating.

Non-traditional Christmas song of the day:
Dee Mullins, "Remember Bethlehem"

[Belated] DPP 15: Party of One

Last night, I's place of employment held a holiday party. Apparently, we missed the "fashionably late" memo, because we were the only attendees for at least the first fifteen minutes. I had a lot of fun meeting many of his new colleagues, though a disadvantage of his current employment is that they can never really have a party all together, because about a dozen of them will always be actually working at any given time.

Non-traditional Christmas song of the day:
No Doubt, "Oi to the World"

Thursday, 14 December 2017

DPP 14: To sleep, perchance to dream

Today I administered my last two final examinations of 2017. This wonderful man arose at 4.00 to cook me breakfast, because I had to be at school by 5.30 (the first exam began at 6.00). I convinced him to drive with me to my other school afterwards (where I had a meeting), and then he patiently waited while I graded my last essays at School B. He also slept for the first time since 4.00.

Non-traditional Christmas song of the day:
"Softly the Night is Sleeping."